Christian Republicans: Major Hypocrites

First, let me start this post by apologizing to the good, true, and honest Christians out there.  I hope that you are the quiet majority and that the group I am about to talk about is the loud minority.  I have my doubts though….

This post is mostly about the Evan Christians out there. There are MILLIONS in the United States.  And the far majority are Republicans.  These are facts.

I have two major issues with “you” (you being the above described): First, you have cafeteria values.  Second, you have cafeteria morals.

Four years ago when the Presidential Race was between Obama and McCain, the Republicans were all over Obama for all sorts of reasons.  One major issue was he wasn’t born in the US.  Unless your name is Trump, that has been laid to rest.  The second major issue was Obama was (is) Muslim.  Some people, sadly, still believe this.  And what’s worse, it should not matter.

This Islamic claim really bothered “you” because in the Evan Christian religion, there are two faiths that are ‘hated’: Islam and Mormonism.  In 2008, “you” used this hate of Islam to try to keep Obama out of office.  Now, you look the other way when your only hope is a Mormon.  You could not back Obama because of his religion yet with Romney, you are will to turn the cheek?  What hypocrites!  What cafeteria values!

Every single election, without fail, there are scores of videos, audio files, and photos of stuff that are supposedly defacing one candidate or another.  This, sadly, is a fact of politics.  The issue is when “you” share these videos, knowing the falsehood behind each, to try and get your preferred candidate elected.  You know they are lies.  You know they are fake.  Yet you do it anyways, like any good Christian person would.

I’ve read the Bibles (the New Testament several times in fact) and I cannot recall if lying is ok during election years?  Anyone recall this?  I am sure Jesus taught and preached that you can lie if you are lying less than the liar you are lying to.  Lying less makes it ok.  That must be it.    What hypocrites!  What cafeteria morals!


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